Market Study For Vacuum Cleaners – US, Bread and Baked Goods – UK, Digital Trends Autumn – UK, Meat-free and Free-from Foods – UK, Womens Body, Hand and Footcare – China – September 2013

Bread and Baked Goods – UK –

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While consumers’ demand for variety highlights the potential for brands to benefit from continuing to develop their alternative baked goods offering, it represents a call to action for manufacturers not yet active in this segment to move into it.

Digital Trends Autumn – UK  –

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This report examines the trends in consumer technology and digital media in the UK, looking at changes in device ownership over the past three months – consumers’ purchasing intentions; changes in online activity – and analyses what industry developments are driving these changes.
It also takes a look at digital advertising, investigating which forms of online adverts consumers are most likely to notice, click on and buy from. Consumers’ attitudes towards digital advertising are also analysed.
The report also investigates which devices people use to second screen, how often they use them and what they think about different aspects of second screening.
Digital Trends also provides top-level comparisons of technology ownership and participation in online activities in the UK against that of consumers in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Browse PDF@ Meat-free and Free-from Foods – UK – September 2013

A key weakness for the meat-free market is that over half of adults note that meat substitutes lack flavour. A potential solution lies in adapting the recipes of these lines as a large minority of adults note a keenness to try meat substitute pieces containing herbs/spices with agreement rising to 55% of under-35s – the biggest users of these foods.

Vacuum Cleaners – US –

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Offering an improved vacuum cleaning experience – more maneuverable, lighter, quieter – may be as sure a path to increased market share as improved suction power. There are also opportunities to eliminate the experience altogether with robotics and to make vacuuming an essential step in protecting health.

Womens Body, Hand and Footcare – China –

Browse PDF@ Womens Body, Hand and Footcare – China – September 2013

The Chinese body, hand and footcare market is the largest in the world due to population size, although it displays significant untapped potential for growth. With income levels rising across the country, the subsequent emergence of the Chinese middle class is likely to be a driving factor for increasing product visibility and usage.

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